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Clavis canonum: Handbook and Database

The Clavis canonum Wiki essentially contains the content of Fowler-Magerl's 2005 Clavis canonum handbook, with some entries being already updated by users of this Wiki, and a few pages added (see here for a digital version of the 2005 book). The Bibliography has been revised more fully; it also contains the short titles for books and articles frequently quoted in the handbook. The database, like the handbook, is in the course of beeing updated; compared to the 2005 version, there are more collections and new search functions.

Description of the collections

List of manuscripts

List of author group keys

List of collections (keys and titles only)



Getting started / Help

  • What is Clavis canonum anyhow? See here for a very brief description of the project.
  • I know what the Clavis canonum is, but I'm new here, what can I do? Well, click here to find out!
  • Once you have played around with this wiki, you may find the following links useful:
    • Help - help on very basic issues like "how do I insert a link?"
    • Categories are very useful, and an easy way to improve existing pages.
    • Wishlist - Any features the database (or the Wiki) is lacking? Any issues with the wiki in general? List them here!
    • Typos - Have you found a typo or other error in the database? Please let us know!
  • Do you want to prepare new entries for the database?

Administrative stuff

For some documentation (and discussion) of past and future developments, see the Wishlist.