Clavis Canonum – About

The Clavis canonum database is mainly the work of Linda Fowler-Magerl († 2017), who since the 1970s worked on this project. Having started as a collection of card-files, the databse was first distributed via CD-ROM and finally (in 2005) made available online by the MGH. In 2017, Danica Summerlin (Sheffield) and Christof Rolker (Bamberg) began a general overhaul of the database and its interface. They will add new collections to the database (both pre- and post-Gratian), improve the interface, and make sure the tool is used more widely among scholars working with canonical texts. The wiki at the moment contains the text of the Clavis canonum manual but will grow into a new, and up-dated description of all collections found in the database. Thanks to funding by the Gerda Henkel-Stiftung, a number of workshops were held in 2018 and 2019, presenting the project to the scholarly community and discussing ideas of how to improve the Clavis. If you like to join the project, please contact us.

The following collections have been added between 2018 and 2020: Collectio Sangermanensis (Key: SG), a florilegium found in Montecassino, Archivio della Badia MS 372 (Key: FM), the Collectio Francofurtana (Key: FC), and “Pseudoisidor Receptus” (as defined by Horst Fuhrmann) (Key: IR).

This is djangoclavis version 0.2.2.